University of Saint Andrews

St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland, and the third oldest in the English-speaking world, after Oxford and Cambridge.

There's a high independent-school intake and a raft of arcane traditions. But St Andrews does have an active commitment to widening access. It's certainly popular with applicants and has one of the lowest dropout rates in the UK: 98% of students complete their degree. The location is special, too – a small, historic town tucked up on the coast of north-east Scotland. The university is a major part of life here and is fully integrated into the town. Despite the lack of cavernous nightclubs, there's plenty to do, and lots of student societies. And, lest we forget, St Andrews is the home of golf.


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85.2% Satisfaction

£14,500 Average Tuition P/A

£5,837 to £8,170 Living Cost P/A

34.00% International Students

79.70% Graduates Employed